Saturday, July 23, 2005


Me and my sis, last year :):

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I've just spent a long, eventful night with my family, all together, for the first time in quite a while. The bickering, miscommunication, arguments, and banter was difficult for me. All of those feelings I've previously described of displacement, and the people and places I miss elsewhere make it difficult for me to engage with those I love so much. But, I do love them, regardless of anything. They are such an integral part of who I am, and I hope in some way I can make their lives easier in the future.

Family is very important. I love my mum, dad, and sister. Just wanted to say so, cause sometimes it is a struggle to express it to them personally.


Lori C said...

Sounds like the typical family. Don't take it so hard.

I'm jealous, I'd give almost anything to be in Europe!

Graham said...

They are typical. Typically insane, lol!!!

I love 'em all, and enjoy their idiosynchratic aggro until I'm swept up in it. And even then it's nothing if not nostalgic.

Thanks for the comment :)

abhijit said...

Yup, that is so typical. We can say this thing to strange girls we meet on the tube, but can't say those three words to anyone in the family.

Graham said...

Yeah... and unfortunately it gets harder and not easier as time goes by.

Those strange girls on the tube though... easssyyyy, lol.