Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jeff Buckley

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The saddest thing about Jeff Buckley was that he never romantically prevaricated upon the notion of an idealistic, rock star, self destructive early death. He was a musician, and wanted to live on, and experience, and grow. His best work was so obviously ahead of him.

And then he jumped in a river with a heavy tide, wearing all of his clothes... and we lost everything he potentially had left to share.

He's one of the few artists I admire without any reservation. A beautiful man, with the ability to evoke the most emotional depths of the human soul with the astonishing range of his vocals and brilliance of his songwriting. At the worst of times, his wailing cries of "hallelujah," are of immense comfort to many.

We can only be grateful that he left anything behind for us at all.



zydeco fish said...

What a great post about an awesome musician. I really have a hard time believing that he is dead.

Graham said...

It's such a sad story. He's just one person that I can listen to talk and talk and talk in his interviews. There are some cool clips from his official website:

Click on the media player.

Eban Crawford said...

OK, you have me interested. I know who he is, I know of the story of his death, I have just never listened to his music. I think that I will have to give him his day in court after a heartfelt endorsement like that. Any recomendations?

Graham said...

Definately the album Grace. It takes a while to sink in but it's an amazing journey.

As for individual songs:

"Hallejuha," "Mojo Pin," "I know we could be so happy," and "Lilac Wine," are my personal faves at the moment.

marie b. said...

you need to listen to "I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain" as sung by Jeff, preferably the version recorded at his father's memorial.

it's spooky how alike they sound, even though Jeff, imo, was a far better singer.

Graham said...

It's stunning.

I listened to the original and then to Jeff, and I'm just like... wow.

Very beautiful. Very sad. Very easy to relate to.

Thanks Marie

marie b. said...

i tried to listen to the original, but tim's voice just irritates me in a way that i can't describe.

i also can't listen to him because of what an awful father he was.

Graham said...

Like I said, if you go to the multimedia player on Jeff's official website, they have a video of the memorial of his father where Jeff played that song. It talks quite in depth about his motivations with his father, and singing that song, and the way all of these established musicians were taken aback, and surprised by what a talent he was.