Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Blog: My Corridors

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I've decided that the creative writing I explore online doesn't really fit with the identity of this blog. My story entries just end up looking out of place, and also interupt the flow of my older articles for anyone interested in looking back.

So, I've started a seperate Weblog called "My Corridors - Stories To No One" that will be devoted entirely to improptu short stories, plays, and scripts. The sub-title is an homage to Jeff Buckley, and also a statement of intent to focus on having fun writing creatively for myself...

For anyone interested, the second and third part of my short play, "The Passage of Time," can now be read here: My Corridors

Also, one of my fave blogs, Eban's "Reaching For Lucidity," has moved from blogspot to its own server. I highly recommend you check out the very cool new design and excellent podcasts here: Reaching For Lucidity