Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Rove story is beginning to break...

No real developments in the story itself, but news about records of Rove's interactions with a Time reporter being submitted to the Special Council is a little more widely reported today. There is a comprehensive article in Time magazine, which appraoches the story from the angle of its implications for journalism, and reporters rights to protect their sources. It gives a thorough overview of the whole situation.

The question it poses about journalistic integrity is an important one. The mitigating factor here is that if Rove did indeed leak information about Valerie Plame he was putting her life at risk. It is certainly ethical to protect sources from a legal interrogation, especially when there is any ambiguity involved... but, when a very senior politician risks someone's life for political advancement, it's arguably a whole different story. However, in reality the Times reporter should have instantly reported Rove to the authorities.

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