Friday, October 21, 2005

The Criminalization of Politics

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Many Conservatives are claiming that the indictments handed down against Tom Delay, and the current investigation into the role of the White House in the outing of CIA Agent Valerie Plame, plus the allegations of Insider Trading against Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, are all reflective of a sudden, unparalleled attempt to criminalize political opponents. Are they suffering from short term memory loss?

Did everyone forget this guy:

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Here are some of the highlights of Ken Starr's investigation into the Whitewater affair:

1. Starr held Monica Lewinsky without a lawyer for eight or nine hours. (She was technically free to go, but coerced psychologically with threats of 27-year prison sentences.)
2. Starr tried to force Marcia Lewis, Lewinksy's mother, to testify against her. (She became ill as a result.)
3. Starr's investigators were bearing guns when they interrogated Lewinksy's brother.
4. Starr tried to pressure Whitewater witness Steve Smith to testify falsely, according to Smith.
5. Starr threatened Whitewater witness Sarah Hawkins with indictment without any evidence of wrong-doing.
6. Starr subpoenaed a sixteen-year old boy at his school to intimidate him.
7. Starr subpoenaed Robert Weiner for making a phone call from his home.
8. Starr kept Susan McDougal locked in jail for eighteen months and tried to get her to testify to an imaginary affair.
9. Starr subpoenaed White House aide Sidney Blumenthal for talking with the press about his investigation.
10. Starr subpoenaed a Little Rock home decorating store where Webster Hubbell shopped.
11. Starr subpoenaed bookstores where Monica Lewinsky shopped, trying to learn her reading habits.
12. Starr has subpoenaed Secret Service agents to testify against the president.
13. Starr tried to dig up dirt on the president's sex life long before the Monica Lewinsky allegations.
14. Starr's investigators harrassed White House Interior Department liaison Bob Hattoy about recruiting gay people to work in the Clinton Administration.
15. Starr considered running for a Republican Senate nomination in Virginia.
16. Starr was co-chairman of an unsuccessful Republican congressional campaign (Kyle McSlarrow, 1994).
17. Starr contributed $5,475 to Republican political candidates in the 1993-94 election cycle.
18. Starr spoke at right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson's Regent University while working as independent counsel.
19. Starr spent nearly $40 million to smear the president and has found no evidence of wrong-doing anywhere, except for the cover-up of a sexual affair.
20. When Starr appeared before the House Judicial committee, he answered at least 30 times with statements like "I can't recall…" "I don't remember…" even for momentous events like when he learned about the Tripp tapes.

More here: 68 reasons why Ken Starr's investigation was erroneous.

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