Friday, February 29, 2008

Questions for a better tomorrow

Many of the people I know are torn about their choices for the Democratic Presidential nomination. They fluctuate on a regular basis between their head and heart.

The real answer for our future requires a contemplation of both head and heart, contextualized by our challenges. The merits of a particular Presidential candidate aren't exclusively the basis upon which a decision should be made. It's how those qualities are suited to transforming the problems we face in this country and, as leader of the free world, the problems confronted around the globe.

Which candidate can mobilize an industry to provide alternative fuels and energy, creating new jobs for the future, even at the expense of short term economic prosperity?

Which candidate can inspire us to fundamentally change the way our society functions, inspiring even more of us to conserve energy, recycle waste, and drive fuel efficient cars?

Which candidate can transform our failing schools so many more children have opportunities and there is greater social mobility?

Which candidate can address the systematic socioeconomic problems faced by communities all over the country while expanding economic participation?

Which candidate can transform healthcare in United States? Is it the one who is politically divisive, or the one who can reach out to moderates and independents? Is it the one who will mandate health coverage, or the one who will dramatically improve accessibility?

In the middle east, which candidate can re-ignite a peace process between Israel and Palestine that has disintegrated over the past seven years? Which candidate can improve the sectarian divide and encourage the foundations upon which future generations may not be defined by persecution and hatred?

In Iraq, which candidate can breathe life into the political process and build the positive momentum required to escape civil war? Which candidate can inspire the Iraqi people to embrace government as a solution to their problems, as opposed to violence and terrorism? Which candidate can, with credibility, request greater participation from the international community?

In Pakistan and India, which candidate can turn around the dangerous turmoil between two nuclear nations? In the arab world, which candidate can undermine the public hostility felt towards the United States that extremists and terrorists exploit and thrive upon?

In conclusion, the extent of our challenges require a transformative process as a result of the disastrously short sighted, dogmatically ideological, and incomprehensibly incompetent Bush administration. Our choice to transform our economy, our society, our environment, our healthcare, our schools, and the wider world as Democrats is in the possibility of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Possibility is the promise of this process, as it was with John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton. Possibility doesn't always translate into actuality. Sometimes we are disappointed. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised.

But, possibility is the only basis upon which we can choose a better tomorrow. While I think Hillary is tremendous in so many respects, the possibility of President Obama is so infinitely greater in the context of our challenges. That promise is worthy my preference and I encourage everybody to vote for Barak Obama.


ruth said...

Excellent post - and great jpegs.

Mandy said...

Surfed in through blog explosion and saw you were an Obama supporter, so I HAD to say hi!

I am a huge Obama supporter, and I am a volunteer for his campaign in my county.

YES WE CAN!!! :)

truth said...

Great post,
I agree with you on the idea of taking a chance and voting for Obama, for he represents the best opportunity for significant change. Check out my blog at

DomandGabesmom said...

I agree! Vote for Obama! The last pic with the little girl in it is heartbreaking!

Seane-Anna said...

Obama is nothing but a blame America first, class warfare liberal who's simply good at putting this OLD song in a new package. And as for the photo of the little girl, why not a photo of American soldiers playing ball with smiling Iraqi children? Why not a photo of soldier Scott Southworth and the handicapped Iraqi child he adopted as a single parent? Oh, right, that would make America look good and liberals just can't have that!