Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What President Barack Obama Really Means

1. A departure from the failed Bush economic theory of tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts for the wealthiest earners. As the Clinton administration demonstrated in the 1990's, a more balanced approach of fiscal discipline, planning, incentives, and investment, can grow the economy from the bottom up, as opposed to creating a volatile boom and bust economy like we have now, employing trickle down Bush-economics.

2. Lower Healthcare costs. Your premiums will cost less than they would under President McCain. Prescription drugs will cost less than they would under President McCain. The healthcare burden for smaller businesses will be less than it would be under President McCain.

3. Better public schools. More teachers. College will be cheaper and students will have the opportunity to earn credits against their loans performing services in their community.

4. A dramatic effort to research and develop alternative fuels that are the only real path to lower energy prices and freedom from our reliance on foreign oil. Under President Obama there will be greater access to hybrid cars, fuel efficient cars, and cars that run on natural gas. Under President McCain nothing is going to change. You'll still be pumping the same gas into your car in 4 years time, domestic drilling will bear no dividens by then, and there will be nothing to stop the constant summer increases in the cost of gasoline that we're currently subjected to.

5. Unemployment will fall. Under President Obama more will be done to incentivize welfare to work with investment and job training opportunities. McCain will simply rely on the failed theory of trickle down Bush-economics, providing tax cuts for the wealthiest earners. This last quarter the economy grew but unemployment went up sharply. Bush-economics are not designed to benefit you. They are designed to benefit the few. John McCain does not care about you, and the economic policies of President McCain will not help you. President Bush has not cared about you, and his economic policies have not helped you for the last eight years.

6. Less domestic jobs will be shipped overseas. More will be done by President Obama than President McCain to discourage US companies from employing low cost labor from other parts of the world at the expense of the domestic workforce.

7. Our military will be re-focused on Afghanistan and defeating the Islamic extremists who threaten the homeland. Under President McCain our troops will be focused on Iraq for many more years to come and it will be more of the same, emboldening Iran, antagonizing Iraqi's with a seemingly endless occupation, and wasting tax payers money on corrupt Iraqi politicians. Under President Obama there will be a more effective approach to the Arab world, aggressively pursuing terrorists and extremists, as well as restarting the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

8. Under President Obama there will be more investment in our domestic infrastructure. We will be better prepared to handle national disasters like Hurricane Katrina as opposed to the disastrous neglect of the Bush Administration.

9. The Supreme Court will remain a balanced forum for resolving our legal disputes. By contrast, under President McCain it will be 7 Conservatives to 2 more modern interpreters of the constitution. Roe vs. Wade will be overturned and abortion will be criminalized in some states. Women will go to jail for having abortions. Doctors will go to jail for performing abortions. Women will have to risk their lives to have underground abortions. If Vice President or President Sarah Palin gets her way this would also apply to situations in which a woman has been raped. The irrefutable reality of overturning Roe vs. Wade is the criminalization of abortion in many states.

10. Finally, there will be no risk, whatsoever, at any point, of President Sarah Palin, leader of the free world.

We cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. We just have to summon the courage to change.

More of the same, more Bush, more McCain, more ugly, nasty partisan politics, more economic instability, more profits for oil companies, health insurance companies, and drug companies, more unemployment, more jobs being shipped overseas, more tax payers money wasted in Iraq, more underfunded government agencies unprepared for national disasters, and even more Conservatives on the supreme court. This is not what America needs.

Let's not make another mistake that we have to wait until 2012 to undo.

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