Saturday, October 04, 2008

Palin Made Things Worse

Daily tracking polls including, for the first time, a full day's polling after the Vice Presidential debate, all show Obama either sustaining or increasing his lead in the Presidential race against McCain. The electorate are thankfully looking for more than a wink and an anecdotal aside from their next VP. However, having failed to win the argument on any of the issues, John McCain, who promised an honorable and positive campaign after winning the Republican nomination, is flip-flopping, planning to pursue an aggressive smear campaign to get back into the race. Expect plenty of McCain/Palin personal attacks against Obama over the next four weeks. McCain will probably justify these unscrupulous and unethical attacks once again on the fact that he didn't get all the town hall meetings he wanted. It's good to know his integrity is so unwavering.

John McCain = The change we need.

Sunday Update: Here are today's numbers with 2 full days of polling post VP debate:

Diageo/Hotline OBAMA 48 McCAIN41
Gallup OBAMA 50 McCAIN 43
Rasmussen Reports OBAMA 51 McCAIN 44
Research 2000/dKos OBAMA 52 McCAIN 40

Also, here is the Obama campaign's preemptive strike against the upcoming desperate personal attacks from John McCain and Sarah Palin:

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