Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Favorite Moments Of The Greatest Ever Campaign


Obama Announces...

The moment Hillary lost the Democratic nomination:

Obama shows that he's got chops in Iowa:

Yes We Can:

Obama compares Hillary Clinton to Annie Oakley:

Obama's comments on Edwards and Clinton's "Biggest Weakness" Debate Answers:

Obama dismisses the Farakhan issue and Hillary's parsing with ease:

Obama hits back hard as Hillary plays politics on Bill Ayers:

Obama's Speech On Race: "A More Perfect Union":

Obama Convention Speech:

Pat Buchanan on Obama's Convention Speech:

Palin Defends The Bailout:

Palin clueless on Supreme Court:

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin:

Christopher Hitchens on McCain and Palin:

Colin Powel on McCain and Palin:

Ken Adleman on McCain and Palin

David Letterman Eviscerates John McCain:

Obama Knocks McCain Down (if not out) in the Town Hall debate:

Obama Calls Out McCain "He Doesn't Say It To My Face":

McCain doesn't do his research:

McCain Inadvertently Insults Pennsylvania:

Sarah Palin Rap on SNL:

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